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Jennifer Fraser Lampshades is an independent lampshade teacher and maker based on the Hampshire/Surrey borders. Her work and teaching focuses on using traditional hand-sewn lampshade making methods but creating contemporary, vibrant and stylish lampshades using a wide variety of different fabrics, colours and finishes.


With a lifelong passion for textiles and an interest in interior design, Jenny decided to train and specialise in lampshade making when she inherited some beautiful old shades in need of modernising. In 2012, she established her own business and has been making gorgeous lampshades ever since. Now with extensive experience under her belt she also teaches and passes on her skills to interior designers and individuals alike.

While she primarily focuses on teaching, Jenny also creates her own designs in a wide range of fabrics and styles using traditional hand-sewn methods. She has also worked closely with clients to create bespoke designs tailored to their individual needs.

Handmade lampshades
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