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1. Does the online price on the Website include Delivery charges ? 

YES it does - there is nothing extra for you to pay for delivery to the UK.  The delivery costs are built into the price of the lampshade advertised in our online store.  Hopefully this makes life simple for everyone. For our Overseas customers additional delivery charges will be incurred so please contact us directly before placing an order and we can discuss the most cost effective and best way to deliver your lampshade.   

2. Can you please explain the technical terms used on the website such as Gimbal, Duplex, Converter, Carrier and Spider?

Most of our smaller lampshades have what is called a Gimbal fitting supplied with a plastic Converter disc making them suitable for both EU and UK Standard lamp-bases.


A Converter disc (also known as a reducer or washer) is a plastic disc that fits inside an EU standard lampshade fitting to enables the lampshade to also be used with UK lamp-bases and ceiling lights.


Our larger lampshades use what is called a Duplex fitting which makes them suitable for both lamp-bases and ceiling lights. These are supplied with a lampshade Carrier and a convertor suitable for use with lamp-bases.


A Carrier is a small triangular wire cage. It fits onto your lamp-base to allow larger lampshades with a Duplex fitting to be used. If you need a larger ceiling lampshade please ask for a Spider fitting when you buy.


A Spider fitting is a metal ring with hooks to enable the lampshade to be secured for ceiling use and is suitable for EU and UK standard ceiling light fittings.


All of our Up-Cycled vintage lampshades come with a standard UK fitting ONLY and cannot be converted to an EU fitting.


NB Each of our listings in our Online shop clearly state whether the lampshade can be used for lamp-base, ceiling or both and if a converter is supplied.

3. What types of lightbulb can I use with your lampshades? 

For important Safety reasons we ALWAYS recommend using LED bulbs with our shades.  Light bulbs must not touch the fabric as NO fabric is entirely flame proof.

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